Thursday, October 18, 2012

relocation dreaming...

I've just come across Beá 's website La Tartine Gourmande - WOW!

Her latest blog post is advertising a Food Styling and Photography Workshop in East County Clare, Ireland....Oh My Word.

To do this would be a dream come true. The opportunity will hopefully show itself when the kid(s) have all grown, the man and I are living in a recently renovated barn on King Island, making cheese, growing 'things' and our superfunds are bountiful. HA!

The 'tell him he's dreaming' scene from The Castle is on repeat in my head right now...DARN.IT.

One day...

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  1. lou, you are one of the winners of the donna wilson giveaway, congrats! can you message me so i can organise your prize charlotte[dot]rivers[at]mac[dot]com


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