Saturday, January 19, 2013

project update #2...

I was hoping to get a few updates in prior to the final renovation week but it just hasn't happened that way.

So here we are...

1/3 Bathroom Renovation:

During the first week of January my lovely Father came and removed as much of the old bathroom as possible so we could get moving on the project.

It's amazing what you find when demolishing and I was hoping for something cool and vintage (Bah!) instead we got hundreds of dead snails. That's right, snails - it was disgusting...

Instead of making this project update last the duration of Abraham's existence, I'll split it up and do a sole bathroom reno update.

2/3 Veggie Garden:

Unfortunately, the plans we envisaged for our vegetable garden has not come to 'fruition' since we are most likely going to rent out our little beachy abode in the next couple of months.

I know, I know. We have a brand new bathroom - WHAT WERE WE THINKING???

However, we pulled an amazing amount of peaches, a handful of nectarines and our fist apricot off our trees this year!

Anyhoo, I hope to produce a more portable veggie garden for our future home(s). I'm going to Pinterest the heck out of transportable gardens and provide you with some wish-list-pics for the next update.

3/3 Creative Projects:

Some great projects, if I do say so myself, made over the festive season...

Felt Christmas Tree for Nora

Stocking's for Joel, Nora and I

and a cute, slightly fuzzy, bow-tie onesie for my future nephew

There it is...

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