Sunday, July 29, 2012

Where does the time go?...

I love reading blogs...

It only started a few months ago and now I'm hooked.  It's inspirational, motivating and gets my creative juices bubbling. My only problem is, I get so swept up in the mummy/working role that I don't seem to have the time to utilize those juices.

The ideal week would include spending time with family, working, researching, cooking, friends and some kind of craftiness.  At present, I'm so exhausted from working that the days I have at home are spent playing with Nora, cleaning and sticking to some kind of routine.

I would really love to be able to create this:

Thank you icandy handmade

and make this:
Thank you Manger

Oh well, at least I have these two lovelies to keep me busy!

How do you make time to be creative? To do the things you love?
I'd love your thoughts.


  1. It's hard to make time for creativity when there's so much house/kid/family stuff to do.
    I try to use the precious hours when Evie is at kindy & Dex naps for creative ventures, because I know it will refresh me :)

    1. Your totally right, it is refreshing. Maybe I'll have more time when Nora starts Kindy!

  2. Refreshing. That is exactly why I create things. Me I make time by ignoring the mess ... quite seriously, sometimes it means just being a really, really slack housewife. Oh, and a lot of late nights, which I always regret (especially those nights where both babies decide to wake regularly).

    1. It's nice to know I'm not alone in 'leaving the floors for another week'.

      I started knitting a beanie to get me in the groove - thanks for your support ladies!

  3. I only took up sewing and crocheting in February of this year. I had to learn to...Yeah leave the floor for another day. That was hard for me at first but now it's sew or floors. I have to decide which will make me happy. It is hard for me though as I'm a bit of a clean/neat freak. I crochet at night when I'm not too tired after putting little miss to bed.

    1. This is true Naomi! We just have to re-prioritise...
      Good luck with the sewing/crocheting!


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