Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Project Update #1...

Here it is!
As promised in this post, here is the #1 update of my current projects.

1/3 - Bathroom Renovation:

It's a small update for the bathroom as there isn't much I can do other than plan at this stage. We have organised with my very talented Father and Brother to do most of the labour.  This will happen in the January holidays. We plan to knock out the wall between the toilet and the bathroom to make it larger. So even though the toilet will be in the bathroom, I think it will make the house more valuable to any future buyers. Dad will be coming round in the next few weeks to measure and then draw up some plans.

This bathroom would be ideal:

Thanks my scandinavian home

However, I think that something a little more simple will be more appropriate for the future...and our pockets. Especially if we decide to go through with this.

2/3 - Veggie Garden:

Thankfully, I've made some serious progress. (In the midst of rescuing Nora from sitting in idle dog poo and stopping Digby, our dog, lick my feet..ew!)

It's more fruit related than veggie but still in the garden.  Here is our new strawberry plants from Perry's Nursery, which I've planted in a bargain pot we bought from the Willunga Lions Auction. 

We also purchased a dwarf granny smith tree to cross-pollenate with our other apple tree. Advice received from our friend over at One Small Orchard.

It's been refreshing to get outside a bit more!

3/3 - Creative Projects:

Two little newborn beanies to get my juices flowing. I've just learnt how to change colours while knitting...WOOT!

Now for the next creative project.


  1. So productive! Love the beanies. Hope you manage to harvest many strawberries. And, well the bathroom sounds like a lot of work, best of luck!

    1. I hope the strawberries take off too. I'm a little worried as Joel loves strawberries and used to eat them green as a child. Hopefully Nora doesn't find them :0)


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