Thursday, August 9, 2012

Projects - 3/3...

After my post last week about never having enough time (and some lovely support), I decided to get my groove on and start some projects.

I have three things in mind...

Our bathroom renovation:
Our current tiny, pink bathroom

The veggie garden:
The weedy, soon-to-be veggie garden

And some creative knitting/crocheting projects like these:

I"ll focus on completing some angle of these projects, however small, and will keep you in the loop about where I'm up to each week.  Hopefully, my interweb peeps will be the motivation I need to keep going...

...even when my floors are crying out to be scrubbed!


  1. ooh, its so exciting to get a creative urge, look forward to seeing the results!

  2. Very exciting. Looks like a wonderful space for the veggie garden. And seriously, internet friends are total motivation. I think I'd be a lot less creative without them.

    ps I know it is being renovated, but I secretly love pink bathtubs.


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