Thursday, September 20, 2012

in memory...

My mind has been absent, hence the lack of posting.  I had some difficult health news shortly followed by a close family friend passing away. More than a friend, more like an adopted Grandma whom we loved dearly.

Aunty Vera loved with an unconditional love that could only come from somewhere other than earth. This was so clear during the funeral where a myriad of people professed the love she had for others and how secure they felt around her. She was passionate and headstrong, which some people found arduous, however this was never in my memory.

I remember the countless days in my childhood where she spent time teaching me delicate folk art, feeding me delicious goodness and reaffirming that life had a lot more to offer than the intimidating girls at school. She was my friend, confidant and teacher. 

In memory of you my dear Aunt Vera. Much love. I know you will be happy and probably singing 'Oh Jerusalem' as you reunite with Uncle Alwent, whom I'm sure, will still be wearing his shorts with knee high socks.

Please God, hold them close, I look forward to seeing you all one day...

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