Friday, September 7, 2012

waiting for spring to sprong*...

Winter is still lingering throughout my body and I have no genius to share...

So I'll be back soon I hope when Spring has properly sprung and Winter is out of my sinuses.

I'll leave you with some borrowed genius:
1.  I'm eating ALL of this in my mind - Small Measure.
2.  A Birth Story - Described beautifully by Imogen Eve.
3.  Sewing Exploits - Thank God I have such creative friends.

*Sprang?! Sprung?! Sprong?!


  1. Don't discount your own creativity! For example, your lovely home. I drove home yesterday thinking 'I have to throw out all my crap & move all my furniture'!!

    1. Thank you lovely. Do it! You know how much I love moving furniture. Joel's worried that if we move into a bigger house, there will be endless changes...Oh the possibilities!


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