Sunday, November 11, 2012

therapy may be required...

We have been accosted with a crying, slobbering, happy then sad 19 month old. I don't know who this child is but I'd like Nora back! We can't work out whether she's teething, sick, has joined the Bon Jovi philosophy of 'sleep when I'm dead' or just testing the boundaries? Let's just say there has been copious amounts of shoulder shrugging and desperate sighs between Mr and I.

Right now, she's happily playing, opening and closing the window chatting to Daddy.  TWO minutes ago she was howling and throwing food on the floor...What the?

Does anybody know if there are some specific behaviour changes around 19 months? I want to see the light! HELP?!

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  1. ha! pretty sure you've got a normal toddler right there!!


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