Monday, February 11, 2013

the everyday calm...

Following the holidays and some lovely unpredictability, we're back into 'it'. Since then, I've been mulling over how to capture 'that holiday feeling' into the everyday week.  I realised its not necessarily the holiday I'm seeking, I quite enjoy my home and work routine, rather it's the feeling I get when everything feels calm and well....good. I feel a little more like the person I strive to be.

After a few more daydreaming minutes watching Nora roll around in the sand I'd come up with a condensed list of what gives me shrills on the inside...

- finding a beautiful jacket
- a lingering breakfast
- omitting the worry and enjoying my child/family
- walking through any market
- dining with an incredible group of people
- trying something new
- drinking tea out of a fancy teacup
- enjoying fresh and delicious food
(with no afterthought other than "ill be eating that again")
- making something beautiful
- listening to a song that curls me into a reverie
- when lunch with friends turns into dinner
- walking into a cafe or shop and thinking "they've got it!"
- growing something from scratch

Obviously finding and buying a beautiful jacket is not going to make it's way into my 'everyday' (sigh). However, taking time to drink tea out of a teapot and growing/sharing with family and friends are all things that can be somehow incorporated into our everyday.

Life is far from monotonous, wesometimes just forget to include the things that makes us quiver. laugh. wonder.

What makes you feel calm?  Do you bring those things into your everyday or save it for the holidays?

*and by 'we', I mean 'me'...

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