Friday, June 29, 2012

Want, not need...

It's my birthday in a few days and usually I can never remember what I want.  Even then, I really don't need anything new but since I'm talking into the 'interwebs' I thought I'd show you a few things I've ooh'd and ahh'd over lately...

1.  I love this enamel bakeware set
2.  This would be a lovely addition to our coffee table
3.  Some tips please Karen Le Billon?
4.  I'm really in love with yellow at the moment, this would be rad
5.  I promise I would be in the kitchen more if I had these boards to work with
6.  Emu Ugg's:  Blue OR Brown....

and finally, I'd like to end the day with this:

This is called the The Saint Honoré. YUM! 
Check out the lovely Manger's Blog for recipe.

I know, I don't ask for much...

P.S. It was my dear friend, Laura's birthday on Wednesday from evie dear. Happy birthday lovely lady!


  1. Love it all. Especially the blue uggs, I should be wearing them right now.

  2. I need number 1!! Love them.


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